Anne Floquet

Anne Floquet is an agricultural engineer, holds a PhD from the University of Hohenheim and has been working with the NGO CEBEDES in Benin since the 1990s. She also teaches at the university and conducts research in collaboration with farmers. Through discussions with women who are supervised by the NGO's nutrition animators, the idea for a programme for family gardens was born.


This programme is also a laboratory for good agroecological practices, which are tested in school gardens where the gardeners are trained for one year. The proposed model initially requires very few material and financial resources and is aimed at self-consumption, good household nutrition, especially for young children, and allows surpluses to be sold. The umbrella organisation of their groupings accompanies them in the marketing of their products. Some of the gardeners will be able to develop their activities further and start a micro-enterprise. The model developed will be proposed to development NGOs, communities and social services to combat the great poverty of women and young girls. Anne Floquet is accompanying the project as backstopper.

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Success story allotment garden: Food supply and women's empowerment

Success story allotment garden: Food supply and women's empowerment

A contribution by Nadine Babatounde and Anne Floquet (MISEREOR)

To prevent malnutrition among young children and strengthen the role of women in their communities, Misereor, together with the local non-governmental organisation CEBEDES, is implementing a programme on integrated home gardens in Benin - a series of pictures.

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