Jan Orbie

Jan Orbie is Associate Professor in European Union (EU) External Relations at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University (Belgium). He is a member of the Centre for EU Studies (CEUS) and the Ghent Centre for Global Studies (GCGS) at the same university. He has published on the EU’s external trade, social, development, humanitarian aid and democracy promotion policies. Recently, he has published on the labour rights and fair trade dimension of EU external policies, on civil society involvement in EU trade agreements, on the impact of the covid-19 crisis on EU trade policy, and on EU development policy including from a post-development perspective.


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Freed from trade? Towards a fairer EU  Trade Agenda

Freed from trade? Towards a fairer EU Trade Agenda

A contribution by Dr. Jan Orbie (University Gent)

‘Fair’ and ‘sustainable’ are key words in Germany’s EU Council Presidency. At the same time, Germany pursues ‘modernization’ of the WTO and ‘rapid progress’ on free trade agreements. Are these goals really compatible? Can we be concerned about fairness and sustainability while continuing with ‘business as usual’?

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