Veselina Vasileva

Veselina Vasileva is a policy officer in the Policy Department of the Fair Trade Company GEPA. The focus of her work at GEPA is on the needs and interests of smallholder farmers and trading partners, in order to represent them in Fair Trade vis-à-vis politicians in Germany and worldwide. Since 2011, Vasileva has been active in the areas of fair trade, business and human rights, sustainable public procurement and climate change.

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Controversy: Do supply chains need liability rules?

Controversy: Do supply chains need liability rules?

Discussion about the potential supply chain law

The German government is struggling to pass a supply chain law. It is intended to address violations of human rights, social and environmental standards. What would the consequences be for business? A double interview with Veselina Vasileva from GEPA and economics professor Andreas Freytag.

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