Cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF). The Aid by Trade Foundation was establishd by Hamburg entrepreneur Dr. Michael Otto. in 2005 based on the conviction that only by sustainble development the livelihoods of future generations and vital resources can be protected.

With CmiA as the largest initiative for sustainable cotton in Africa the Aid by Trade Foundation puts the principle of helping people help themselves through trade into practice by establishing trade partnerships between African smallholder farmers and trading companies. 


Since 2005 the CmiA standard works for protecting the environment and for improving the living and working conditions for a large number of cotton farmers and their relatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. CmiA established an international alliance of textile companies which purchase the Cotton made in Africa raw material and pay a licensing fee to use the seal. The proceeds from licensing fees, in following with the workings of a social business, are reinvested in the project regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. CmiA is active in Ethiopia,Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Mosambik, Sambia, Simbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda.

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For more than ten years, Cotton made in Africa has been setting standards for the protection of the environment and better living conditions in the cotton industry of sub-Saharan Africa. 

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