Menschen für Menschen

For the past 35 years the Menschen für Menschen Foundation has been providing aid for self-development in the rural areas of Ethiopia. Within projects of integrated rural development and in cooperation with local people Menschen für interlinks actions in the areas agriculture, water, education, health and income. Menschen für Menschen was brought into being by Karlheinz Böhm, laying the foundation on 16 May 1981 with his legendary wager in the ZDF show „Wetten, dass…?“. Menschen für Menschen currently implements the projects in 12 regions, permanenty employing over 740, almost all Ethiopian, people.


Menschen für Menschen wants to contribute to the suistainable improvement of rual Ethiopians' livelihoods. The foundation follows its founder's impulse: With his engagement in Ethiopia Karlheinz Böhm wanted to set an example for overcoming the world's injustice. The gap between rich and poor will not be closed by charity. Instead the people need our partnership. The core principle is: help for self-help. Menschen für Menschen wants to enable Ethiopians in rural areas to improve their livelishods by themselves - to a point where they will, in the foreseeable future, no longer need our support.

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