Save the Children

Save the Children is the world's largest non-governmental orginazation promoting children's rights. It was established in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb in the United Kingdom and is today active in more than 120 countries. Save the Children works to ensure all children's rigt to health and life, school and edcuation and protects them from violenc and exploitation and provides emergency aid. Children are always at the center of all work. They have a say in all projects and are included in decision making processes. The orginization creates solutions with the local people and includes both viallage elders, local councils and authorities and governments, thus strenghtening sustainable development. The work's focus is always on the most deprived and marginalized.


Children in Germany were one of the first Save the Children helped. Save the Children originated the international child rights movemet: In 1923 created an initial draft for what would become the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child that has been adopted by almost all countries. Furthermore, Save the Children supports the International Campaign to Ban Landmines that receives the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Save the Children works to ensure that all children can live safe, free, healthy and self-determined.

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Malawi has just survived the most severe food crisis in 35 years. An initiative helped with money for food aid - the goal: to strengthen self-sufficiency. 

A project of Save the Children

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